Dear Parents & Guardians,

At Acton Elementary School, as in many districts across the nation, we are moving towards a Proficiency Based Learning (PBL) model.
PBL is based on a system of instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting on the Maine State Learning Results Standards. We are working to phasing in the PBL approach.

In order to report students’ progress in a way that best meets the needs of our school; we have moved to a new reporting system called MasteryConnect.
At the end of Trimester 1, you will receive a report that indicates a small sampling of the standards taught and assessed in each content area at this point in time.
There will also be a place for teacher comments in each content area.

We are sharing with you a sample of a MasteryConnect report.
You will recieve an emailed copy each term.
You will soon have access to a parent portal where you can track your childs progress and communicate directly with the teacher(s).

A sample report card is included on this page.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the principal Jonathan Ross.

MasteryConnect Report Card Sample

Proficiency Based Learning (PBL)


MasteryConnect - Introductory Video